Seth Meyers Trolls Trump Over Middle East Trip Flubs

President Donald Trump has been out of the country for only a few days, but ?Late Night? host Seth Meyers is already feeling the difference.

?It?s like when you were in school and your bully was out with the flu,? Meyers joked before launching into a recap of the president?s stumbles throughout his trip to the Middle East

In addition to ridiculing Trump over the fact that first lady Melania Trump publicly swatted away his hand, Meyers played a clip of the president telling the press that he ?just got back from the Middle East? while sitting next to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. 

?No wonder he thought Middle East peace was so easy. He wasn?t accounting for Israel,? Meyers said. ?What does he think the Middle East is?? Meyers then mockingly imitated Trump saying, ?I had a great weekend. We achieved peace between the Saudis and the Arabians.?

Watch the clip in the video above.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, the person sitting next to President Trump was misidentified. It was Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

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Deadly Blast At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester

At least 19 people were killed and about 50 injured Monday in an explosion following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande in Manchester, England, in what police said was ?being treated as a terrorist incident.?

Greater Manchester Police responded to reports of an explosion at the Manchester Arena around 10:35 p.m. local time. As emergency personnel descended on the scene, police asked people to stay away from the area. 

?This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until police know otherwise,? police said in a statement.

Fans were gathered at the venue for Ariana Grande?s ?Dangerous Woman? tour. The singer?s publicist told The New York Times that Grande was ?O.K.? and her team was ?investigating what happened.?

Several media outlets have reported witnesses saw 20 to 30 people lying on the ground, and one witness told CNN many of them appeared to be in grave condition. ?You could see straight off were just dead. You could just see that they were passed away,? Kiera Dawber told CNN.

Video recorded at the scene showed people scrambling down aisles to evacuate the venue as screams echoed throughout the arena. Concertgoers reported panic and disarray, with some saying that had seen people with injuries and some covered in blood.

?There were just a loud bang and a flash and everyone tried to scramble out,? Jade Baynes, 18, told The Guardian. ?An alarm came on telling everyone to stay calm but leave as quickly as possible.?

Others said the scene as ?chaotic? and described what they believed to be a ?huge explosion.?

?You could feel it in your chest,? Catherine Macfarlane told Reuters. ?It was chaotic. Everybody was running and screaming and just trying to get out.?

Manchester Arena, the largest indoor arena in Europe, opened in 1995 and has a capacity for 21,000 people, according to its website. It is a popular concert and sporting venue.

A video posted on Twitter showed fans screaming and running out of the venue.

Britain is on its second-highest alert level of ?severe? meaning an attack by militants is considered highly likely.

Reuters contributed to this report.

This is a developing story. Check back later for updates. 

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‘Dear White People’ Director And Star Break Down Why Black People Can’t Be Racist

Netflix?s ?Dear White People? has been described as a strong modern-day take on race that is both clever and dynamic in its approach.  

The show, directed by Justin Simien, was adapted from his 2014 film of the same name, and is set on the fictional and predominantly white campus of Winchester University. Simien crafted a season filled with diverse portrayals of the black experience ? told through the lens of several students on campus ? that speak to the varied ways people of color are impacted by race.

The show touches themes like interracial relationships, police brutality, the complexities of the n-word and what it can be like to speak out against racism in the face of opposition ? something that feels especially timely. Simien and the show?s star, Logan Browning, stopped by HuffPost Black Voices to discuss myths that often come up in conversations about race and racism. 

In the video above, watch as Simien and Browning explain why double standards around racism simply don?t exist, like: Why a show titled ?Dear Black People? would be offensive, why the n-word is off-limits to white but not black people; Why minority-focused spaces like HuffPost Black Voices exist but HuffPost White Voices does not; and why there?s simply no such thing as reverse racism.

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$995 Bag Of Moon Dust Could Fetch $4 Million At Auction

One space-geek collector could soon be over the moon.

A small white pouch marked ?Lunar Sample Return,? which Nancy Lee Carlson bought two years ago for $995, is expected to fetch as much as $4 million at an upcoming Sotheby?s auction. That?s because it?s sprinkled with moon dust.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong filled the bag with rocks from the lunar Sea of Tranquility during his historic trip to the moon on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. He turned the bag over to a Houston lab, which emptied it of the rocks and then lost track of it. It eventually turned up on a U.S. Marshals auction website.

Enter Carlson, a Chicago-area attorney. She bought the pouch ? along with some other items, in a kind of space-memento grab bag ? for $995 and sent it off to NASA for testing. NASA claimed the bag belonged to the agency, and wouldn?t return it until after a long court battle. You?d think Carlson was asking for the moon.

Sotheby?s describes the pouch as ?the most important space artifact to ever appear at auction.? It?s selling the item on July 20 ? the 48th anniversary of humankind?s first moon landing.

However, NASA isn?t thrilled. Agency spokesman Warren Jeffs told The Wall Street Journal that the bag should be on public display and not hidden away in some private collection.

The bag ?represents the culmination of a massive national effort involving a generation of Americans, including the astronauts who risked their lives in an effort to accomplish the most significant act humankind has ever achieved,? Jeffs said.

The bag is expected to go for such a sky-high price because NASA doesn?t allow anyone to own any bit of the moon ? except for the bag.

Sotheby?s senior specialist Cassandra Hatton called the auction of the ?modest bag? her ?Mona Lisa moment.?

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Man Set On Fire During Protest In Venezuela’s Capital

CARACAS, May 21 (Reuters) – Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro excoriated opposition protesters on Sunday for setting a man on fire during a demonstration, accusing them of targeting him for being pro-government.

?A person was set on fire, beaten up, stabbed… They nearly lynched him, just because he shouted out that he was a ?Chavista?,? Maduro said, referring to the ruling socialist movement set up by his predecessor Hugo Chavez.

Witnesses to the incident on Saturday afternoon, including a Reuters photographer, said the crowd had accused the man of being a thief.

About 100 people, who had been participating in anti-Maduro protests, surrounded him, doused him in gasoline and set him alight in Plaza Altamira in east Caracas, the witnesses said.


Though some in the crowd said he should die, others helped him and the man survived.

Showing a video of the incident on state TV, Maduro identified the man as Orlando Figuera, 21, saying he was being treated in hospital for severe burns.

Images from the scene showed him running near-naked with flames on his back.

?Burning a person because he seems a Chavista is a hate crime and a crime against humanity,? Maduro said on his weekly TV program, also showing another video of someone being beaten up, as well as images of protesters throwing Molotov cocktails.

The 54-year-old president says protesters are seeking a violent coup against him with U.S. help, and are increasingly persecuting ?Chavistas? at home and abroad.

Earlier this week, he compared it to the Nazi treatment of Jews.

?Venezuela is facing … a coup movement that has turned into hatred and intolerance, very similar to Nazi fascism,? he reiterated on Sunday.

Venezuela?s opposition says Maduro has become a dictator, wrecked the OPEC nation?s economy, caused desperation by thwarting an electoral exit to the political crisis, and unleashed repression and torture on protesters.

?Maduro, Murderer!? can be seen daubed on roads and walls in many parts of Caracas.

The main demand of opponents, who now have majority support after years in the shadow of the ruling Socialist Party, is for a national vote.

But authorities blocked an opposition push for a referendum last year, delayed state elections, and are resisting calls to bring forward the next presidential election scheduled for late 2019.



Most opposition marches are now turning violent when security forces block their way, with masked youths from a self-styled ?Resistance? movement hurling stones and petrol bombs at lines of National Guard troops who use teargas and water cannons to turn them back.

Even before the latest spasm of political unrest, Venezuela was already one of the world?s most violent countries, with an average last year of 60 homicides per day, according to the government.

Lynchings have become commonplace, killing about one person every three days.

In six weeks of anti-Maduro unrest, at least 47 people have died, including supporters of both sides, some bystanders, and members of the security forces.

Both sides quickly publicize and condemn violence from the other side, while often underplaying wrongdoing within their own ranks.

The government is particularly upset at harassment of officials and their relatives, accused by foes of enjoying the fruits of corruption.

One recent video showed the daughter of Jorge Rodriguez, a powerful government mayor who is a hate figure for the opposition, walking along an Australian beach being screamed at by two bystanders: ?Thanks to your father, people are dying in Venezuela.?

Another video appears to show a former minister sitting at a bakery in Doral, Florida ? heavily populated with anti-government Venezuelan emigrants ? being harangued by other customers, who chant ?Get Out!? and force him to leave.

A Twitter feed is even available that lists government supporters abroad, with photos of them and their friends, places of employment and study.

Many in the opposition accuse members of government of illegally enriching themselves and their families, allowing them to travel the world and enjoy luxury hotels while Venezuelans suffer a crippling recession at home, having to skip meals and queue in hours-long lines at shops.

The issue has divided opposition supporters, many delighting in seeing ?Chavistas? squirm while others say it is wrong.

?It?s not morally or politically correct to harass the children of officials,? opposition leader Freddy Guevara, a hardline proponent of street resistance, said recently, adding that it would discourage children from criticizing their parents as several have done recently.

(Additional reporting by Marco Bello; Editing by Sandra Maler)

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The Best Socks To Give On Father’s Day, If You Absolutely Insist

Father?s Day is right around the corner, and along with it, the eternal struggle to find something new and interesting to gift your dear old pops. 

Socks may seem a bit mundane as far as gifts go, but we give them nonetheless. But you?ve never seen these socks.

We?ve got socks for the sushi lover, the OG Nintendo fanatic and yes, even the Bob Ross enthusiast. Because anyone who says they don?t love ?The Joy of Painting? is lying. 

Dad?s happy feet will thank you. 

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